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On Site Furniture Restorations

Melrose Office is a high end wood finishing & repair service located in the Detroit metro area. We specialize in high-end custom wood finishing for Designers, Architects and the public throughout the area. We are set up for total safe on-site finishing, restoration and touch-up services using the latest in onsite finishing and repair technology.

We repair, restore, finish, refinish and preserve the natural beauty of wood furniture, elevator interiors, Court rooms and all types of architectural woodwork onsite. Melrose has proven knowledge and skilled workers that can come to your facility or office to refinish or repair safely any wood item. We can work after hours and weekends to accommodate your work schedule to insure a minimum inconvenience to you and your work staff.

The 1984 Jof-Co desk below was completely restored and refinished in its office space. Repair consisted of on site strip, apply filler, sand out, apply period finish, wet sand, and wheel out the top for a mirror reflective surface.    

Below is One of Twenty CCN Office Units that had extreme sun damage and surface white ring marks, scratches, nicks, wood missing and foggy spots. Restored to 90% of new, but a water born UV resistant top coat was used to slow color fade and provide more protection from white fogging and cup marks. Five offices per man were restored in a day and ready to re-occupy after 24 hours.

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dow library

by mel1 on April 15, 2014 at 2:30 AM

merrill lynch building restoration

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