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Art by Stewart Melrose

Melrose Office Interiors, offers a full service Graphic Design and Custom Artwork Service. Stewart Melrose was first published Internationally in magazine ads in 1996 and has been commissioned for Custom Artwork by many organizations and individuals.

The Melrose Gardens are now preserved forever at the National Archives Museum in Washington, D.C., through a 50-state visual documentary by famed photographer Carol Highsmith.

The rock stacks, ?volcano? and other unique landscape architecture at the Stewart Melrose home in downtown Fenton has caught the attention of nationally renowned photographer Carol Highsmith.

?Highsmith, who has spent her entire life photographing images capturing America, is compiling a visual documentary of all 50 states in ?Carol M. Highsmith?s America.?

?This historic photographic archive will be among the top six in the Library of Congress, including Civil War photography by Matthew Brady and America?s Depression photographer, Dorothea Lange.

Lewy Loon, commissioned by the Dow Loons and Dow Chemical.

Mercedes Benz Dealership Office, framed canvas and prints.

Below, Emil Jellineck founder of Mercedes Brand Automobile's 

Hasta Angle


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merrill lynch building restoration

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